Live at the Goat Head Saloon

by Sax and Violins

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released October 31, 2011

All Songs Written and Performed by: Chris Broxterman, Ricci Diaz, Joshua Halvorson, Stevo Johnson, Joshua McCall



all rights reserved


Sax and Violins Tempe, Arizona

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Track Name: Shaivo Revival
Coming soon to a theater near you.
A vegetable unlike any food.
Can't really dance or even bust a move.
Gets use of her wheels and never her shoes.
Gets pissed when she can't feed through a tube.
A real bag of bones, thats no joke.
Money doesn't matter when you're that broke.
Has a better wheel chair than most old folk.
Doesn't worry about swallowing, cause she can't choke.
You say you want food, I say you're nuts.
Drop your jaw soldier and give me twenty sucks.
While we're at it, I'd hate to lose.
Damn it Terri Shaivo remove your own tube.
Track Name: Necrosexual
Don't call me heterosexual, that's just not my forte.
A body with only three incisions wouldn't make my day.
Don't call me homosexual, Don't even call me bi.
I like my partners stiff, cold, and rotting.
Not walking or talking.
Call me necrosexual, that's what describes me best.
When I get bored, party at the morgue, dig up graves of whores.
I'm sorry sir or madam your dead carcass wasn't breathing back.
I'm sorry ma and pa I'm a closet necrophiliac.
Track Name: Sex with Miners
Your hard hat maked me hard and fouls gold makes me soft.
I'd rather end up going home with a pocket full of rocks.
Some days i just luck out.
Hit the gold rush diggin holes with you.
Such a familiar taste of spit and chew.
When Im stickin my pick in you.
Track Name: Over My Dead Buddy
Over my dead fucking buddy.
Over my dead fucking friend.
Over my muerto amigo
Die dying i guess it's the trend.
I can see it in your face that you trust me.
I've always had your back in this humvee.
Since boot camp we're so lucky.
We're under attack...OH FUCK ME!
Track Name: Man vs. Tractor (Version 3)
I got my arms cut off but no bleeding on the carpet.
How can I save myself without bleeding on the carpet?
It grabbed right a hold of my arms and ripped them from their sockets.
Dismembered arms and mangled flesh drip into my pockets.
Did you ever hear the one about the man vs. the tractor?
Severed limbs get tossed around creating hairline fractures.
Track Name: Urine Trouble
Party all night.
Now you're learning the ropes.
And you drink till you choke.
And she's getting too close to poke.
Wake up in the morning.
Like a fetus you're soaked.
Like her water just broke.
Now you're cleaning her sheets and coat with soap.
This is the 80's and I'm down with the lady's.
In remembrance of Deisy. I'm infecting with scabies.
So hide your babies or your pets might get rabies.